Old Fort Collins Heritage Park

112 e Willow St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Camp Collins was originally established in Laporte in 1862 to protect travelers on the Overland-Cherokee Trail. A flood two years later destroyed the camp and inspired the Army to move to a better location a few miles downstream, in the vicinity of modern-day Willow Street.

The new Camp Collins was officially established on August 20, 1864 and although it was occupied for only two years, a new town took root around it. The town became known as Fort Collins, although no fort ever existed here.The area of the old camp is now home to a variety of establishments including the Old Fort Collins Heritage Park, where you can view an interpretive kiosk about the Heritage Area.

Tourism Information

Park is open 5:00 am – 11:00 pm.


Visitors Welcome.

Wayside Sign

Interpretive kiosk


Access the park from the North Atzlan Community Center located at 112 E. Willow Street in Old Town Fort Collins.

Old Fort Collins Heritage Park